Our Past Sponsors

We are grateful to our Sponsors: former, current and future.

Their valuable contributions are financial and/or in-kind. Sponsors can be businesses, organizations or individuals. Let us know if you might like to become a Sponsor, suggest a potential Sponsor or learn more!

Note: this listing does not yet include our earliest Sponsors or more recent ones beyond the current year.

String of Natural Pearls

Jim Stokoe

String of Cultured Pearls

String of Freshwater Pearls

The Dog Pearls series is supported by an early grant
from the Blessings Project Foundation
for the Coming Home and Spirit Dog Pearls – 2008

Bob Jones long-term supporter and friend since 2001

Vera Struck Studios 2007 for Dr. Willie

South Sea Pearl

Tahitian Pearl

Bourne Media – David Bourne since 2006

Handwoven Webs – Julie Savage Parker since 2001

OneWhoServes, Inc – GiftsFriends&Time
Gordon Walton 2007

Vital Clarity – Kathleen Osta 2006

WNC Woman
Sandi Tomlin-Sutker and Julie Savage Parker since 2003

Akoya Pearl

Creasman Financial Planning, L.L.C
Mike and Revonda Creasman since 2001

Sandra Bradbury
since 2005

Greenlife Grocery – Asheville – 2007

Jubilee! Community
for Wild and Free: a Screech Owl Named Pinkey – 2007

Baroque Pearl

White Oak Financial Management