Dr. Willie and dirt

Dr. Willie

“Dr. Willie” and Little Pearls Win Awards in Hollywood

E-mails from Clyde (AKA “dirt”) – since Willie’s 8-05 webpage creation

Dr. Willie & dirt

A treat for fans of Dr. Willie:
E-mails from Clyde (AKA “dirt”) 
– since Willie’s 8-05 webpage creation

Dr Willie & dirt8-26-05:
Dr. Willie and I both think his page looks great on the Little Pearls site……..even though he teaches reading, I had to read it to him because he has misplaced his glasses….. dirt

Yep, Willie is rolling in his laurels, yet doing it with a quiet dignity. I have been meaning to send out an announcement that Willie has been approved as an official READ dog (reading education assistant dog). He now has the badge and all…. it probably would never have happened if you had not introduced him to Art Space school……… his little work vest is simply covered with ID patches and badges…. but of course you know that for the last 4 years he has been voted as the BEST CREATURE IN THE UNIVERSE WITH A TAIL.  It is a universal honor bestowed by the galactic committee of greatness………. dirt-0-matic

6-24-06 after Clyde’s neck surgery:
My dog, Doctor Willie, has been making daily house calls and giving me therapy…. he is pleased with my recovery but has not released me from his care.  In the past doc Willie has been opposed to radical surgery, but in my case he has reluctantly agreed that it was necessary to remove part of my neck… so I’m just holding up here like a groundhog and Willie and I are licking my wounds.

I would like to point out that unlike the human doctors, Doctor Willie has refused to take any money for his services… he’s always on call… he’s happy to make house calls… he does not believe in chemical drugs… and he endorses cuddling unlike his human counterparts…..

The only thing that bothers me is that he licks his butt just before treating my condition…. he truly does practice alternative medicine….. but one must trust his doctor if one is to get better…. and Willie has obviously pulled me through some rough times lately… who am I to complain about his methods…..

I am so happy to hear that things are moving in so many directions for Little Pearls right now… I told Willie and he would like to donate a month’s salary again…….. so I will be sending $1.39 to you soon…. Willie is considering retiring from formal public work…… what with my rehab and recovery and his aging and bad teeth…. he is scheduled to go to the vet and get a teeth cleaning soon……. they have to put him under and scrape his teeth… the problem is that when he was run over by the truck, his jaw was broken and he can not open his mouth fully so his back teeth never get any chewing and cleaning action… it is a habitual problem… anyway, Dr. Willie is considering retirement and a villa in Costa Rica…………… dirt and dog

Folks….. my dog Dr. Willie is worried about the economy because Alpo dog food is up to nearly $3.00 a can….. that is $21.00 in dog money…. also the number of unemployed dogs continues to rise each month…. single mothers raising pups are increasing….. homeland security has spawned a host of new leash laws, and the rabies tax is up…. it’s hard to see how this is all happening considering the fact that EVERY POLITICIAN IN WASHINGTON IS A DOG.

There is a little article about me in this issue, September, of “Our State” magazine… but of course Little Pearls discovered me first, you are way ahead in spite of your tiny budget…

Folks…. this is to let you know that my therapy dog Dr. Willie will be retiring after more than 30 dog years of medical service to Memorial Mission Hospital patients and teaching reading in the Buncombe County schools…. Dr. Willie has worked hard at his chosen profession and has helped many patients and children….. but do not fear….

Dr. Willie will continue to practice therapy here at home for anyone needing it… and of course he is my private therapist, which keeps him very busy… the demands of medical service are beginning to be too much for him and he wants to retire to a simpler life in a rustic cabin in the North Carolina mountains.  Former patients of Dr. Willie may still call on him here at his residence for private help… if the need arises…

Dr. Willie plans to enjoy his retirement by hunting, hiking, swimming, and relaxing on the porch… anyone wishing to see a short video of Dr. Willie in action can go to and then click on Portfolio… there you will find a piece and a film about the good doctor…

Dr. Willie has asked me to thank you all for your support of his medical and teaching careers…. a doctor of Willie’s caliber only comes around once in a lifetime… for those of you who don’t know, Dr. Willie specialized in neuroscience at Memorial Mission Hospital.  It is there that he made his rounds and treated people with strokes and brain injuries in the neuroscience ward.

He was an excellent doctor with an unusual bed side manner…. Dr. Willie always climbed right in bed with his patients and snuggled up close while licking their hands and face…. not the usual doctor… Thank you all for your support… Dr Willie and his helper Clyde

Folks… I am writing this to you as Dr. Willie’s personal secretary and valet… for those of you who have not met Dr. Willie, he is the certified hospital therapy dog that is assigned to me…… he allows me to also live with him here at piddle creek farm…

for the last few parsecs of galactic time, we have been hearing rumors that Willie was again being considered for “best creature in the universe”. And today we were officially notified via royal galactic envoy that Dr. Willie had indeed been selected again for an unprecedented 5th time as “best creature”… this is the first time in more than 3.5678 million earth years, that any creature anywhere has received this honor 5 times straight…

anyway, we are all excited except, of course, for Dr. Willie who prefers to not let the local earthlings know about his high status…. he says that in order to do his doctoring work he must remain anonymous… in fact most local people think he is just a little handicapped dog… they rarely know that Dr. Willie has healed them… in fact I have seen him heal rednecks at the local store who just bent down to pet the dog… it is truly amazing how he can make simple minded humans think that he is just a little ragged dog.

He even wears a flea collar to promote this persona… later this week, in earth time, the high commissioners of the galactic alliance will arrive to present Dr. Willie with his new title and medal… the medal is disguised as a rabies tag so as to not raise suspicion… it will be my job to feed them all and get Willie bathed and brushed up… just thought you’d like to know what has been happening here on piddle creek……. my other dog George is afraid of strangers and will probably just disappear for the entire time…
Mac naughty, lowly human valet to Dr. Willie

11-20-06 after learning that Dr. Willie’s Little Pearl was selected as a finalist in the competition for The MY HERO Short Film Festival 2006 in Los Angeles:
This made my day, week, month, year… Dr. Willie famous nationwide… I just informed his honor and he accepted the nomination with humility and grace… and a very big thanks goes to you and Little Pearls for making this happen… wow….. humble leash holder

I went to the hero website and found out that Dr. Willie is the only animal even listed as a short film… all other films are about human heroes…. I have a proposal….. do you really think Willie and I could attend?  If so, would you please RSVP the film fest and confirm for 2 people just in case you or I can go.  I see that you also submitted two other films… and I have a feeling that you will win something.  If you confirm our seats, we could always cancel later if we can’t go.  I can just imagine you and Dr. Willie walking on stage to receive the honors… let me know if you confirm, I will write to the lady and be sure Dr. Willie would be welcome to attend.  Dirt

Dr. Willie and I are still reeling from the announcement that his film was selected as a finalist in the fest. The honor goes to you two.  But I have a total big head about it.  I am bragging to everyone about Willie…… his is the only animal film even considered. What a hoot…. Dr. Willie, recognized pet therapist NATIONWIDE.

What an honor coming at the time of his formal retirement… he will leave a legacy for other inspired dogs to follow. His name and reputation will outlive him and continue to grow to immense proportions. He is a pioneer for canine rights…. a crusader for the downtrodden and animals everywhere.  Perhaps we can get the preamble to the constitution to be changed, to read… WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT, THAT ALL CREATURES ARE CREATED EQUAL.  Hooray for Little Pearls.  …dirt and dog

Clyde and Williw

I think we should all go out to Hollywood and rent a limo to arrive at the door on the red carpet….. me and Willie have our hob knobbing boots on already….. Willie can pee on the red carpet…. what if you were to actually win???  That might give Little Pearls a real chance to attract some big time movie money… yeeeeeeeaaaaa…. we could sip cocktails at the reception… and use all the California buzz words in small talk over the hors d’oeuvres cart… we could sign autographs and Willie could give paw prints… we could paint the town… we could hoot and howl…. Hollywood dirt

I think it is the true measure of you, Debra and Little Pearls that your film of Willie is up against those heavy hitters.  Especially since your did it in only 30 seconds, when they are all taking 3 to 4 minutes to get the message across.  If the judges of the film fest are experts, they will see this obvious difference and realize how exceptional your work is… I looked at the lengths of all the films involved and yours is the absolute shortest film in the short film fest… hence you deserve the prize…. impressed, dirt and dog


Wasn’t the short film award on December 15th…that is just a few days away and no word yet on who the winner is… I thought they would announce the winner before the event… any idea what is happening?   …waiting with dog breath, dirt and dog.

Folks, the awards gala for the short film fest in LA takes place on Friday and since Hollywood has not sent a limo to pick up Dr. Willie, we are assuming that he did not win first place.  He will still receive some sort of award for just being in the top finalists worldwide. I will pass that on to you when it comes.

The good doctor is unfazed by this decision of the Hollywood film people. Apparently they are not as sophisticated and knowledgeable as they presume. Dr. Willie would much rather have the admiration and appreciation of the little people that he works with everyday. True honor is earned, not awarded by Hollywood.

Willie and the family here celebrated the news with dinner and laughs at the silly humans who can’t see what a pearl he is… actually we are all relieved to not have to travel to LA and sit through a long human awards ceremony… besides, George and Pip Squeak would not have been invited and Dr. Willie was happier to share food with his canine friends rather than cocktails with the big wigs in Hollywood.  That shows the true measure of the dog….  Sitting by the fire, dirt and dog

12-12-06 after learning that the film Dr. Willie was receiving an Honorable Mention; that Dr. Willie (the dog) was receiving a Special Hero Award; and that our “tiny film” would be shown at the award ceremony:
Folks, great news! This morning we were notified that Dr. Willie has in fact won two awards in the LA short film festival…. as you know he has been in the top worldwide finalists for the last few weeks.  His short film was made by Linda McLean and Debra Roberts of Little Pearls. The film commission judges have awarded Dr. Willie’s film an honorable mention, and it will be shown at the gala in Hollywood on Friday night.  The second award is a personal award for Dr. Willie himself.  It is called the special hero award. And when it arrives, it will be pasted to Dr. Willie’s wall of fame outside on the front porch where Willie hangs out… we call that bench Dr. Willie’s office.

Unfortunately, Dr. Willie will be unable to attend the film gala in LA due to such short notice and due to the fact that I can’t find any airline that will let him fly in the passenger cabin.  They will only allow him to be caged in the baggage compartment… and of course I simply refuse to subject an American film hero to such demeaning treatment…. Dr. Willie will NOT take a seat in the back of the bus on his way to receive these high Hollywood film honors.  That would be shameful.

So we are boycotting the film fest gala and will receive our two awards in absentia as a protest to the discrimination that dogs suffer daily in this American culture.  We will celebrate quietly at home with a dog biscuit or two and a small glass of wine.
….dirt and dog