Mission and Vision

The mission of Little Pearls and its “tiny films” is to transform the world we all share, awakening authentic connection and compassionate action on behalf of humanity and all living beings.

The Vision of Little Pearls

Each “tiny film” created by Little Pearls speaks with power, directly to the heart, opening minds by first opening hearts. Little Pearls of wisdom, love, hope and change remind us who we really are and what truly matters to us. By revealing the essence of their subjects, these inspiring films reveal our own similar qualities.

We begin to see the world in new ways. More and more, we find the beauty, value and meaning in our own lives, in each other and in the world around us. We experience a deeper sense of connection, purpose and potential.

We know we have the power to create positive change. Increasingly awake and fulfilled in our own lives, we affect others in beneficial ways. Goodwill in the world expands.

As more people are touched by the work of Little Pearls, we choose other “media that matters” in its many new forms. Producers and advertisers follow our lead. Media becomes much more positive, relevant and meaningful.

Ultimately, we learn to value all people and all life – and we all thrive.