Pearls & You

Little Pearls are not meant to be one-way communications.  YOU also play a vital role in the creation and sharing of this work.

Here are some ways ways to help Little Pearls enrich your own life, the lives of those you love and the world!

  • Explore ways to follow up with positive action when a particular Pearl touches you.  A great idea may just come to you.  If so, please let us know!
  • Share our YouTube and Vimeo links on your website, blog or social networking sites.  We will have more Vimeo uploads soon.
  • Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter, and share what is meaningful to you.
  • Obtain and share copies of our newest DVD with people you love and those you think may benefit from any part of it.  Our Creative Commons license allows you to share Little Pearls freely, including presentations for groups or classes and all kinds of events.  You can share any individual Pearl, loop or collection that fits what you hope to convey.  The DVDs make GREAT gifts!
  • Sign up for our e-newsletter (in sidebar on Home) and let us know what you think.
  • Give us a review on our GreatNonprofits page. Here is earlier viewer feedback.
  • Email our links to family, friends and colleagues.
  • Find your own creative ways to share them, and please tell us what works for you.  Our Creative Commons license allows you to freely share them exactly as they are. Here are some of the ways Little Pearls have been used.
  • Let us know your ideas for new potential distribution outlets, grassroots sharing, possible funders/sponsors, possible new Pearls, etc.

And, most of all, take Little Pearls into your heart and discover new ways to see the extraordinary in everyday life!