Our Larger Sponsors & Grantors over the Life of Little Pearls

String of Natural Pearls

Jim Stokoe
Even after his death, Jim’s financial support is a constant – 2001 to present

Sandra Grace
Benefactor for our 2003 gala at Blue Ridge Motion Pictures
& for expanded sampler & promotional materials

String of Cultured Pearls

Episcopal Diocese of WNC – Peace and Social Justice Committee
This group “got” the potential for Little Pearls early on and gave us two crucial grants:
to create our first sampler in 2001 and to air Our Children Ask the World of Us on WLOS.

Robert Jones
Long-term sponsor & friend since 2001

String of Freshwater Pearls

Blessings Project Foundation ~ Beverly Johnston
The Dog Pearls series started with a grant for Coming Home and Spirit Dog – 2008

Lee & Jeff Hatling
long-term friends & steady support for many years

Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa
Child to Child Pearl & mini-documentary 2001

South Sea Pearl

Martha Lipshitz
Childhood friend & regular sponsor

Anonymous Donor
A wonderful, unexpected $2,500 grant in late 2010 to promote kindness and compassion!

Vera Struck Studios 2007 for Dr. Willie

Tahitian Pearl

Tim Arem & Asheville International Children’s Film Festival
Long-term friend, supporter & multiple collaborations & events with these festivals

Blue Mountain Pizza ~ Matt Danford
Multiple fundraisers & promotions

Harvey Jenkins
Long-term friend, Board Treasurer & regular donor

Gudrun McLean
Mother, cheerleader and donor

Jubilee! Community
Several grants early in the life of Little Pearls

Asheville Area Arts Council via the North Carolina Arts Council
Grant for our all-inclusive 2011 DVD

Darryl & Diane Nabors
Long-term friends & sponsors

White Oak Financial Management ~ Laura McCue & Priestley Ford
Long-term friends and sponsors

Sandra Bradbury
Friend & sponsor for several years

Lawrence E Thompson
Long-term friend and sponsor

Biltmore Iron & Metal ~ Vonna Cloninger
Long-term friend & sponsor

Stephen Silha & Big Joy Project
Long-term friend & sponsor

Brett Salter & Sharon Bailey
Former Board member and donors

Arloa Johnson
Friend & early supporter

Creasman Financial Planning L.L.C ~ Mike and Revonda Creasman
Long-term friends & sponsors since 2001

OneWhoServes, Inc – GiftsFriends&Time ~ Gordon Walton  
Database software 2007

Peace Links – North Carolina
Disbursement from closing Peace Links as a non-profit

Mission Healthcare Foundation
Grant in relation to Asheville International Children’s Film Festival 2010

Mary Duke Biddle Foundation
Grant related to Asheville International Children’s Film Festival 2009

Grants in relation to Asheville International Children’s Film Festival, 2011 & 2013

Sam’s Club Foundation 
Grants related to Asheville International Children’s Film Festival 2009 & 2010

Akoya Pearl

Nature’s Vitamins & Herbs ~ Bill Cheek & Mike Rogers
Long-term friends & sponsors

Mountain Valley Water & Connie Scotchie
Long-term friend and sponsor

David Graham, DC & Tiffany Hall
Long-term friends and sponsors

Trout Insurance – Jan & Dave Trout
Long-term friends & sponsors

David Gantt
Long-term friend & sponsor

Kim & Richard Hayes
Long-term friends and supporters

Jennie Eblen
Long-term friend & supporter

AD Anderson
Long-term friend & supporter

Virginia Callaway & David Holt
Long-term friends & sponsors

Cynthia & Michael Justice
Long-term friends and sponsors

John Charping & Betty Larsen
Long-term friends & sponsors

Diana McLean
Sister & long-term supporter

Alan’s Jewelry & Pawn – Tonia & Alan Sheppard
Neighbors & sponsors

Gayle Doughton
Friend & sponsor

Walter Davis
Long-term friend of our Board chair & regular supporter

Gary Schwartz
Long-term friend & supporter

Greenlife Grocery

Bag donation program 2007

(note: this page will be updated to include new donations)