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“You’ve heard of public service spots? Little Pearls are public uplift spots. They’re a breath of fresh perspective.” – Stephen S

“The simplest things in life are often the most profound. These ‘little’ things, unencumbered by too much information, can reach right into someone’s heart and change attitudes, actions, and feelings. The Little Pearls films do exactly that. I am convinced the world would be a better place if more people could view them.” – Paul H

“I love Little Pearls for the creative talent that goes into making them and the pleasure they give me. I’m at the time of life when I cherish little things — don’t need big, grand things. Special moments, flowers, birds, children, dogs and other creatures, all pleasure me, and Little Pearls is full of those moments. Try them — you’ll be glad you did!” – Marilyn G

“I just watched three Little Pearls and I feel like I’ve been to church! Uplifted and connected to the world and others. So much that’s so good in such a small treasure.” – Michelle S

“Inspiring authentic connection and compassionate action on behalf of all living beings” – how beautifully Little Pearls accomplishes this mission! So much care goes into each of these lovely videos, from the original inspiration right through to the painstaking editing of the raw footage and the accompanying music and text. They are truly works of art.” – Dana G

“Any and all ways to get these Pearls in front of more people should be a top priority – they spread hope, joy, love and the clarity of why we all should be so ever grateful for what and who we have in our lives on this beautiful planet. These Pearls are precious, but they need not be rare. More Pearls for everyone, I say!” – Terri W

“I think they’re timeless. After the Storm could’ve been made yesterday and called After the Spill. Farmer to Farmer and Child to Child… there’s so much loss going on today in just the same way. Different particulars, same loss.” – Heloise J

“Good medicine — these times are naturally full of grief, and even despair. Connecting with a PEARL is a way to “gift” ourselves with a moment of peace… and good medicine for healing. Thanks to all who are supporting this work.” – Mary O

“Blessings in your continued call of sharing vital messages through your Little Pearls.” – Genelda W

“I wish I had the time to photocopy all of the positive student responses to Little Pearls. Of the 107 students I had last semester, easily more than 60 wrote that this was the most positive, hopeful thing they had seen since coming to college.” – John L. Hochheimer, Ph.D., Former Associate Professor, Departments of Journalism and Television/Radio, Park School of Communications, Ithaca College, NY; currently Professor, Department of Radio-Television, Southern Illinois University

“This is an unabashed fan letter for an organization that was created by two of the finest people I know, Linda McLean and Debra Roberts. The name of the organization is Little Pearls.
The mission of Little Pearls is simple and powerful: to use the medium of television to inspire, to enlighten, to communicate to as many people as possible the wonder and beauty of this planet and this life.
I have worked within the television industry for the last 14 years. During that time I have become increasingly concerned with the medium and the message we are sending to the world.
Programming is, more than ever before, shallow and mean spirited. News, more than ever before, is driven by ratings with no concern for balance and relevancy. Through commercials we promote rampant consumerism with little thought to what the effect might be on our environment.
Seeing the work of Little Pearls for the first time was a revelation. In my case, it was “Amanda”, a deeply moving spot that introduces us to a beautiful girl, bound in a wheel chair, whose spirit clearly knows no bounds.
Here is the revelation. Television can be used to make the world better than it is. I am a believer. In fact, I have enthusiastically joined the Board of Directors of this wonderful group to help, in any way I can.This is the power of a simple, positive message delivered with loving kindness. It can change the world. It may be all that can.” – Joe Fishleigh, former General Manager, WLOS-TV/WMYA-TV, Asheville, NC; recently returned to WLOS as Sales Director after several years in Cleveland, Ohio

“Congratulations on the wonderful “Little Pearls” concept. We all need reminders of how beautiful life is, even in the not-so-good times. “ – David G

“I just watched your wonderful ‘Little Pearls.’ So beautiful. I immediately experienced deep thoughts, feelings and wonder. Thanks for providing such penetrating programs for our media world.” Brian Swimme, Ph.D., is on the graduate faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies and author of The Universe Story (with Thomas Berry) and creator of the video/DVD series Canticle to the Cosmos.

“The new films (After the Storm) are brilliant. The production values are great, and the messages are right on.” David McConville, founder, Media Arts Project in Asheville, NC; co-founder, The Elumenati

“You are making the world a more beautiful place by reflecting its beauty back to itself.” – Debra R

“Happy (Super) Bowl day!! What a day to watch little pearls… What a sensory overload! We left at half-time …and decided that this was a perfect time to get the “other side of the world” perspective by watching Little Pearls. Fantastic work… The pearls are all wonderful…..a beautiful way to ‘push love and life’ when most of what’s happening in the world today is pushing hate and death…Our hearts are with you as you continue your work.” – John C

“Little Pearls is a very exciting vehicle to take little bits of inspiration to lots and lots of people. We do live in a fast food society – little messages that are short and to the point can make a big difference.” – Ruth W

“I shared Little Pearls with my son while he was having a really hard time with the final weeks of high school. He was feeling how empty it was…and taking just those few minutes together was a real turning point for him to renew his commitment that no matter how boring the classes were and no matter how hostile the local kids were, LOVE and acting from it is what he is about…and the reminder that he has opportunities at every moment to move that forward. We are so pleased that he finished…with good grades and a happy graduation day.” – Mary O

Various camera and post-production people in our region who have worked with us to make Little Pearls have repeatedly said that working on a Little Pearl reminded them of why they got into the business in the first place. This includes a video editor who, after helping us with the “Child to Child, Heart to Heart” piece, said it was the single most meaningful piece of work in his career to date.

About the “Child to Child, Heart to Heart” Pearl, aired as a PSA in New York City on the local ABC station, autumn 2001:

  • “I just saw the commercial featuring children…sending their thoughts and love to the victims’ children of the World Trade Center tragedy. I have to tell you how very moved I was to see that. What a wonderful demonstration of love and support you have shown to the children of this tragedy. It gives me hope that we as a country will overcome this terrible event. Thank you.” – M. R. C.
  • “I was watching Oprah the other day when your video “Child to Child, Heart to Heart” came on and I have to tell you, it was so touching. To see the innocence of children brought me to tears. It was so sincere. I just want to thank you for that. It really does mean a lot to us. Thank you again.” – M
  • “I saw your commercial today and it made me cry… You do wonderful work! Keep it up. We all need it!!!” – L

A second grade teacher in a rural mountain school in Western North Carolina said that when she showed Little Pearls to her students, one of them was spellbound by the images of Great Katie, the 100 year old black woman. The teacher felt that this child, who probably had had little or no contact yet in his life with people of color, may have been forever opened up to the idea of relating to and even loving someone who looks different than he does.