Pearl Dreams

Here are some possibilities for new Little Pearls.  We’re always open to new dreams, visions and serendipity, and to YOUR dreams and ideas, too!  You’ll see some new categories, in an attempt to cluster the Pearls-in-waiting.  If you feel the power of any of these, please get in touch and Contribute if you can.  Thank you!

On Being Human:

Pearls about Living, Dying and Grief

Though some of the Dog Pearls address these issues, Linda’s recent experiences with the illness and death of her husband, other family members and friends make these very human conditions feel even more potent.  There are incredible gifts in difficult, painful times, when we face them with courage and love.

A Key to Graceful Aging

Dr. Benjamin Spock at Peace Day event
Back in the 1980’s, Peace Links brought Dr. Benjamin Spock to Asheville for a “Kids Speak Their Peace” event.  He was a delightful man in his mid-80’s then.  In this image, he is on the right, sitting with Joe Eblen and Linda, who was able to interview him later with an 8 mm sound camera.  His response to the question of how he was aging so well is good advice for us all.  Permission is still needed for this Pearl.

The Spirituality and Wisdom of Dementia

A friend approached Linda about her profound experiences with her father, who has always been a warm, wise man, as his Alzheimer’s disease progresses to the end stage.  She says: “It is a terrible disease but there are also many gifts within it… one of the biggest being the awareness that this moment is all we have, so be grateful and speak your truth every day.”

And Pearls on Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness, the idea that “every human being is an experiment of one”

Our Connection with Animals & Nature, and What They Teach Us:

The Peace of Wild Things

LakeCrescentCopyThis poem reminds us that when the concerns of the world press too hard on us, we can find peace and freedom in nature.  Linda has felt a stronger need for the peace nature gives, especially during her husband’s brain cancer journey and since his death.  We have permission from poet Wendell Berry but still have to clear it with the publisher.

The Beauty and Community of White Doves

Doves from A Spirit's WingsAsheville White Dove Releases offers an uplifting experience for celebrations and life transitions that would make a beautiful Pearl. Rock Doves fly together and when one bird goes astray, the whole flock circles back to take it in before they make their journey home. What a beautiful example of caring and community!

The Healing Connection between Horses and Humans

Zorro at Epona Ridge - photo by D'Anne DelaneyHorse Sense of the Carolinas“Awake and aware” horses can have a powerful impact on human healing and well-being. We would love to film at Horse Sense of the Carolinas and/or Epona Ridge, two innovative programs with their own unique “equine-assisted learning” approaches. Horses are a mirror for human beings and can help with many issues and emotional blocks related to fear, self-confidence, power, trust, boundaries and more.  And they are so beautiful, too….

Cat Pearls

Theo as a young adult - photo by Jim Stokoe

Cats could be the stars of many Pearls, though we know how impossible it is to “herd” them. We’ve had great luck so far filming children, dogs and screech owls, so why not cats, too?

Here is the story of just one special cat, Theo: The Cat of My Dreams.


The Wonder of Whales

Humpback mother and baby, Monterey Bay, CA - photo by Jim StokoeLinda has been in love with whales since a profound experience in 1976 off the Oregon coast.  One or more Whale Pearls could be beautiful whale (and/or dolphin) footage, with some especially engaging close-ups and a soundtrack of whale songs, possibly with instrumental music. The goal is to help cetaceans burst into the hearts of viewers, so we humans remember how profoundly wonderful they are, care more actively about their plight and learn how to protect endangered ocean life from human-caused threats.

Gifts of the Honeybee

Honeybee - image from Holy Bee Press


Little Pearls founder Debra Roberts of Holy Bee Press and a large community of beekeepers and organizations in the Asheville area are strong advocates for these remarkable bee-ings.

Honeybees are in trouble. They need us and we need them!

And, of course, more New Dog Pearls!

The Dog Pearls series celebrates the wisdom and love of dogs. All will encourage adoptions and a deeper connection with companion animals and with each other as human beings. Our 27 Dog Stars plus “extras” like a Boxer puppy from a dog park, all filmed in HD in summer/fall 2008, share valuable life lessons.

We created four new Dog Pearls in the fall of 2011, two in 2009 and two earlier ones.  We could make several more with the great footage we already have.  These really good dogs ~ already filmed ~ are waiting to be in new Pearls. Help us make them stars!  Dog(g)nate Now!

Minnie Mangum - photo by Marlisa Mills Happy Bea - photo by Linda McLean Chai - photo by Linda McLean Weazie - photo by Marlisa Mills


Wiley - photo by Linda McLean Dollie Mae - photo from Martha Abraham and Gary Rawlins Maggie - photo by Marlisa Mills Anna and Charley - photo by Julie Parker

Universal/Spiritual/Societal Interconnections:

Prayer for a New Time

Linda’s song, using footage from the top of Craggy Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC, with its 360-degree sweep of these ancient mountains – aaaaaah!

Escalate Love

This Pearl illustrates the cumulative power of positive actions, even small ones, in the face of escalating violence. In an image from the workshops of Jim McGinnis’ Institute for Peace and Justice in St. Louis, one side of an old fashioned scale of justice holds “boulders of violence” that seem overwhelming.  A shift in awareness lets us see that we can each add “pebbles of love” to the other side to tip the scale.  Jim’s sudden death in summer 2009 left a huge hole, yet his ideas live on.

This timely message is: “In the Face of Escalating Violence, Escalate Love.”

Progressive Revelations

This Pearl would be based on a stunning Baha’i Youth Workshop dance that portrays both the uniqueness and the common ground of all world religions (permission still needed).

The Awe-some Unfolding Universe

Fascinating concepts about the unfolding of the Universe and the place of humanity in that unfolding, from the work of cosmologist Brian Swimme (we have his blanket permission).

One Spirit in All Religions

Similar to the concept behind Progressive Revelations, this idea merges two visions of our friend Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor, spiritual director, teacher and author. These visions clearly share the universality of spirit in all religions and how attachment to a particular expression causes stagnation and conflict.  She has a new video that also addresses this idea, though we would still like to do a Pearl-length short one.

Environmental/”Green” Pearls

We would love to capture concepts such as “natural capital” and ecosystem services (services provided to us for free by Nature) and how we can work with these gifts we depend upon for survival.

There are many more…. Don’t worry, they’re saved on a list. This one was getting too long!