Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our Sponsors: former, current and future.
Their valuable contributions are financial and/or in-kind.
Sponsors can be businesses, organizations or individuals.
Let us know if you might like
to become a Sponsor,
suggest a potential Sponsor or learn more!

Check out our August 23, 2012 Celebration page
for that list of Event Sponsors ~ most are not included here.

Also, check out our short Sponsor Presentation:
Little Pearls Sampler: 7 Pearls in 5 Minutes!


String of Pearls

Jim at Crater Lake, Oregon, July 2010  Jim Stokoe – Oct. 11, 1946 – Dec. 11, 2012
Family, financial and in-kind support for this labor of love called Little Pearls.
Without Jim’s support, which continues after his death, we would not be here.
Husband of Executive & Creative Director Linda McLean
Weaverville, NC


South Sea Pearl



Tahitian Pearl

Lee on Yellow Mountain 11-15

Lee Barnhardt Hatling
Long-term friend & supporter of Little Pearls
Kernersville, NC


WNC Woman
Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Long-term In-kind Sponsor
Western North Carolina

Gina Woods 2015

Gina Woods, PhD
Advisor for next-step strategies
toward sustainability ~ In-kind
Indianapolis, Indiana


Akoya Pearl

Bandit leaping 2015

Martha Lipshitz & Bandit
Childhood Friend & Long-term Supporter
Gloucester, MA

Biltmore Iron & MetalBiltmore Iron & Metal  
Vonna Fisher Cloninger
Long-term Friend & Sponsor
Asheville, NC

Emily Tomasik Emily Tomasik
New Friend to Little Pearls, in-kind support
with social media and a new ad design

Ben at Eddie's Attic  Ben Scales, Attorney & Musician
Pro Bono Assistance
with Music License Agreements
Asheville, NC



Baroque Pearl

White Oak Financial Management

White Oak Financial Management
Laura McCue & Priestley Ford

Long-Term Friends & Sponsor
Asheville, NC

Handwoven Webs
Handwoven Webs
Julie Savage Parker ~ web design
Long-term Friend & In-kind Sponsor
Asheville, NC
 Media Cinedicate
Media Cinedicate
Shane Peters
Cinematographer & Editor ~ in-kind support
Black Mountain, NC
 Gould Killian CPA Group
Long-term Board support
Asheville, NC

Long-term Friend & Supporter
of Little Pearls
and many great causes
Asheville, NC

SheVille.org – WNC Edition
Jean Cassidy, Va Boyle
& Lee Lehman ~ in-kind ads
Asheville, NC


Freshwater Pearl

Natures-New-Logo-175Nature’s Vitamins & Herbs
Bill Cheek & Mike Rogers
Long-term Friends & Sponsor
Asheville, NC

Trout Insurance
Trout Insurance
Jan & David Trout
Long-term Friends & Sponsor
Weaverville, NC

Dr. Darryl NaborsDrNabors.com
Dr. Darryl & Diane Nabors
Long-term Friends & Sponsor
Clyde, NC
Big Joy for 2015 Sponsor

Big Joy Project
Stephen Silha
Long-term friend, journalist, filmmaker
Vashon Island, WA

Blue Mountain Pizza
Blue Mountain Pizza 
Matt Danford

2011 – 2013 non-profit program &
2014 10th Anniversary Celebration, food for events
Weaverville, NC

David Graham logo cropped 2 - vitruvian-man-davinci-200x210

Dr. David Graham
Chiropractic Physician
Long-term Friends & Sponsor
Applied Kineseology
Asheville, NC


Old Europe
Melinda Vetro

~ food donation for 2015 event
Asheville, NC

Healing Innovations 2015
Penny Bond, Scenar Therapist
Long-term friend, supporter,
Board Member
Asheville, NC
TrueConfectionsTrue Confections
Carole Miller
~ food donation for 2015 event
Asheville, NC
Harvey Jenkins
Long-term Friend, Supporter,
Board Member
Asheville, NC
Bob & community gardening
Bob Jones
Long term Friend & Supporter
Colorado, Maine & New Zealand
Darlyne & Wiley
Darlyne Sahara
Long-term Friend & Supporter
Day Sponsorships on WCQS
for several years
Asheville, NC

Dry Ridge Inn

Dry Ridge Inn B & B
Long-term Neighbors & Friends
Weaverville, NC

Other Freshwater Pearl Sponsors (no photos yet): 

John Charping & Betty Larsen
Morganton, GA & Flagler Beach, FL

Sue & Dick Walton
Asheville, NC

AD Anderson
Swannanoa, NC

Deborah Scott
Asheville, NC

Carole & Joel Martin
Asheville, NC

Harry Anderson
Asheville, NC

Walter G & Joanne Davis
Waterford, CT

Michael & Cynthia Justice
Asheville, NC

More In-Kind Support: 

Mica White, Storyteller
Long term friend & volunteer
Asheville, NC

Holy Bee Press
Debra Roberts, Little Pearls Founder & Friend

Weaverville, NC