Child to Child: Heart to Heart

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Child to Child 30 second Pearl on YouTube
HQ has disappeared, though you can still feel the compassion in these kids.

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Child to Child: 9-11 Mini-Documentary on YouTube
Uploaded September 2010, this tender piece is nearly 5 minutes long.

In the fall of 2001, children from the Asheville, NC area sent poignant messages of love and support to the September 11 children of greater New York.

All 4th and 5th graders, these children spoke from their hearts, without coaching, directly to the children who had suffered loss.

Their wisdom is remarkable.  We grownups could learn from them, given the hostility and ignorance that has intensified around this tragic event, years later.

In early October 2001, Charlene Scharf and Maggie Schlubach of Schlubach and Scharf Special Events contacted Little Pearls. They wanted to help children in Asheville send messages of love and support to kids in New York who had suffered personal loss in the 9-11 tragedies.

After our first meeting to discuss the project, a girl and her mother, who had been having lunch nearby, approached Linda.  Claire was a student at William Randolph Elementary School.  She was interested in what she had overheard and told us she was part of the school Media Club.  She had lost her father suddenly earlier in the year and understood how children in New York might be feeling.

On that day, the project Child to Child: Heart to Heart was born, resulting in a thirty second PSA, a five minute “mini-documentary” and a children’s letter writing campaign.  The idea immediately ignited with the first people we contacted and drew in abundant community support.

Claire’s Media Club, along with a few more children from the area, stepped forward with poignant messages.  The Media Club kids had only a couple days to think about what they would like to say to other children who were suffering.  We filmed each child, one at a time, in a supply closet off the library, in very cramped quarters.  Without coaching or knowing what other kids had said, the hearts of these children shone through.

The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa in Asheville generously funded the project. A news reporter for WLOS-TV (Asheville) remarked that in the aftermath of September 11, much had been heard from adults, but little had been heard from children to children. Our Child to Child project was featured in a story on WLOS news.

The PSA was aired on ABC-7 in New York.  Allied Vaughn, a video duplication company, generously donated 1,000 copies of both the PSA and the documentary, for distribution to children in New York via the Board of Education and the American Red Cross Family Disaster Relief Centers.  Many hearts were touched by the messages of these wonderful children.

We hope their messages continue to touch hearts – and maybe even open some minds.

Asheville students send money, letters, video messages to New York children
From Asheville Citizen-Times

Posted: 10-13-01 01:30

ASHEVILLE – Days before President Bush issued a call for American kids to send a dollar to help the children of war-torn Afghanistan, Asheville residents were already organizing a massive letter-writing campaign to send comfort to children whose parents died in the Sept. 11 attack on New York City.

Plans also are underway to send a mini-documentary and a television public service announcement from the children of Asheville to their peers in New York, according to Maggie Schlubach of Schlubach and Scharf Special Events.

A recent newspaper story about children who suffered loss after the Sept. 11 attack sparked the movement, when Schlubach and her business partner Charlene Scharf read about the estimated 15,000 children who lost a parent and felt an urgent need to do something to help.

A meeting followed with Debra Roberts and Linda McLean, local filmmakers and creators of “Little Pearls,” a series of inspirational PSAs for television. From there, the idea evolved to send messages to NYC children in film.

“The PSA will be sent to New York for airing on major television stations, and both the mini-documentary and PSA will be distributed to their schools by the Red Cross”, Schlubach said.

From there, Schlubach said, “miracles began to happen.”

“The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa generously offered to fund the project. William Randolph Elementary’s Media Club provided the fourth-and fifth-grade students and the messages for the video taping. Allied Vaughn donated 1,000 video duplications,” she said.

Others involved added their expertise: a New Light Video Production Company, Rick Aguar and Renee Molko designed the logo based on the theme, Child to Child, Heart to Heart.”

Other schools, including Black Mountain and Estes elementaries, had special events to remember the victims and will appear on film.

“In addition to the 1,000 videos, we’d like to send thoughtful, supportive messages so we are asking the children of our area to join together in a huge letter-writing campaign,” Schlubach said.

Two large, decorative mailboxes will be in the Asheville Mall in the open court near The Limited and outside Pack Place downtown.

Another mailbox will be available to take to individual schools upon request; the public mailboxes will be in place from Oct. 17 through Oct. 26.

The letter campaign will end on Oct. 27, when a mailbox will be available at dedication events for the new Riverlink community park beginning at 1 p.m.

“Working with the children has been such a blessing,” said filmmaker Debra Roberts. “The level of cooperation and support Linda and I have received to make these messages has been phenomenal. What began as a project called Child to Child, Heart to Heart became a community campaign involving many, many generous hearts,” she said.

30-second Pearl & 5-Minute Mini-documentary, 2001

Featuring Children from the Asheville, NC area

Conceived by Charlene Scharf, Maggie Schlubach,
Linda McLean & Debra Roberts

Camera: Rick Aguar

Editing: Shane Peters and Scott Dobbins – A New Light Video
with Debra Roberts & Linda McLean

Voice Over on Mini-documentary: Sonia Aguar

Production Assistance: Mary Schillereff at Randolph Elementary,
Lori Cozzi at Black Mountain Elementary,
Estes Elementary, Renee Molko

Funding:  The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa