Do You Know Who You Are?

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Do You Know Who You Are? was unplanned, like its companion Dig into the Good Stuff!  It revealed itself as we went through hours of raw footage from 27+ dogs, filmed in HD in 2008.  We noticed several instances of older dogs interacting gently with puppies, seeming to be passing on wisdom.

The message is timely ~ and important ~ for us humans, too: “You are love.  Feel it, and share it!”

These dogs are all regular dogs, not trained actors.  Cute Junior just happened to be in the dog park when we went to film Laika (both shown above).  He stole the show!

Do You Know Who You Are? on YouTube   Please play in HD, though it takes longer to load in ~ it is so much better in HD.  Our YouTube channel page is greatlittlepearls


30-second Dog Pearl ~ 2011 

Featuring: Junior, Harvey (formerly Harley) & Rosie (puppies)
with Anna, a dog park dog, Freya & Laika (wise older dogs)

Conceived & Written by Linda McLean

Camera: Shane Peters –

Editing: Shane Peters –
& Linda McLean

Voice-Over – Kat Williams –

Recorded by Robert George –
& Chris Rosser –

Music: Bent Creek
By: Amy White
Album: High in the Blue Ridge
Artist: Al Petteway & Amy White
Label: Courtesy of Fairewood Studios

Production Assistance: Tim Arem, Donna Ensor,
Mark Goldstein (Laika), Julie Parker (Anna, Freya, & Rosie),
Jim Stokoe, Mica White, Ruth Williams, Luke Zeller

Freya with little Rosie