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Baby Kayla

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It was evident from the beginning of her life that Kayla had an amazingly alert, calm and open presence. She seemed ready for life and for wonderful possibilities in her future.

Kayla became a Little Pearl because her grandmother Linda, like most new parents and grandparents all over the world, fell in love in those earliest moments. The nearly-universal love for a newborn brings a heightened sense of responsibility and commitment to create a world that will nourish and support that new life ~ and, by extension, all life.

Linda felt that Kayla could be a representative for ALL our children. They depend on us ~ and on our choices ~ for the quality of their lives, present and future, for many generations to come.

What kind of world are we creating for them?

Kayla in 2004

Kayla, age 3


Kayla & Kira, Christmas 2010

Kayla lives in Western North Carolina in a home full of love with her parents, her little sister Kira and several dogs and cats. She has three sets of grandparents and many friends who love her, too.

30-Second Pearl – 2001

Featuring Kayla Grace

Conceived by Linda McLean

Camera: Rick Aguar

Voiceover: Linda McLean

Sound Studio: Chris Rosser ~ Hollow Reed Arts

Editing: David Kahle ~ Earthlight Multimedia
Linda McLean

Music: For St. Francis 1 
by Richard Shulman
from the CD
Light from Assisi
©, (p) 1990 RichHeart Music
Used by permission