Spirit Dog

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Spirit Dog is essentially spiritual in nature, addressing the love that lives on after death. Created simultaneously with Coming Home, it was filmed in HD on a beautiful mountaintop bald in the Blue Ridge Mountains, June 2008.

The original planned Dog Pearl became two Pearls after Tucker, our beautiful white shepherd Dog Star, broke our hearts in November 2008 when he died at age 9. He was a great dog, much loved.

Because Tucker engaged so well with the camera that day on the mountain, we were able to create his own Pearl.  His younger sister Lucy, a perky Boxer mix, is also part of this Pearl, with the two dogs romping together at the beginning.

Tucker represents all beloved animals who have gone to Spirit, comforting the ones they have left behind.  Like the Coming Home Pearl, Spirit Dog is a beautifully moving minute of dreamy slow motion.

Spirit Dog from Little Pearls on Vimeo.Please play in HD if you can.
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Spirit Dog on YouTube Please play in HD – SO much better!  This is a much better quality version, uploaded April 2011.  Our YouTube channel is greatlittlepearls

Both Coming Home and Spirit Dog are poignant, comforting and spiritual. They address living – and dying – with ease, love and grace.  Here is Coming Home

Tucker to the camera in Spirit Dog

Dog Pearls are meant to encourage adoptions; a closer bond between humans and animals; and a sense of what we have in common with companion animals in so many life experiences. They are about what dogs teach us, in terms of being human, as much as they are about dogs themselves.

Some of our new Dog Pearls are playful, even funny, focusing on the benefits of bringing animals into our lives.  Please help!  DO(G)NATIONS

60 Second Dog Pearl – 2009

Featuring Dog Stars: Tucker and Lucy

Conceived by Linda McLean

Camera: Shane Peters, Media Cinedicate

Music: New Robes
by Richard Shulman
from the CD Light from Assisi
©, (p) 1990 RichHeart Music
Used by permission
RichHeart Music

Voiceover: Jim Stokoe

Sound Studio: Chris Rosser – Hollow Reed Arts

Editing: Shane Peters of Media Cinedicate with Linda McLean

Funding in large part came from a grant from the
Blessings Project Foundation

Production Assistants for the shoot: Tim Arem, Dana Gatlin (Tucker and Lucy),
Ruth Kae Hellerman, Pamela Stringer (Lola), Mica White

Online Outreach help/guidance – David Bourne – BourneMedia.com

Special Thanks to the friends and professionals whose input helped in the formation of this Pearl, including: Jim Stokoe, Dana Gatlin Hoffman, Debra Roberts, Julie Parker, Marlisa Mills, Barbara Johnston, Gloria Karpinski, Richard Shulman, Clyde Hollifield, Bob Child, Mary Olson, Mica White, Darlyne Sahara, John Charping, Maleah Jacobs, Cynthia Justice, Priestley Ford, Tim Arem, James Sorrells, Julia Book, Stewart Stokes, Ruth Kae Hellerman, Suzannah Tebbe Davis, Dana Garber, Trish Howey, Paul Howey, Peggy Holman, Carolyn Paden, Ruth Williams, Lee Hatling, Connie Scotchie, and the Little Pearls Board