Recent Sponsors

We are grateful to our Sponsors: former, current and future.
Their valuable contributions are financial and/or in-kind.
Sponsors can be businesses, organizations or individuals.
Let us know if you might like 
to become a Sponsor,
suggest a potential Sponsor or learn more!

Check out our short Sponsor Presentation here:
Little Pearls Sampler: 7 Pearls in 5 Minutes!

*** Note: the list below will be updated soon ~ it will be combined with earlier sponsors into one page.


Check out our August 23, 2012 Celebration page
for that list of Event Sponsors ~ most are not included here.


String of Pearls

Jim Stokoe

Family, financial and in-kind support
for this labor of love called Little Pearls


South Sea Pearl

Anonymous Donor

This wonderful, unexpected $2,500 grant in late 2010
is to promote kindness and compassion!


Tahitian Pearl

Asheville Area Arts Council   North Carolina Arts Council
Asheville Area Arts Council
North Carolina Arts Council

Our long-awaited DVD sampler, to be created Spring 2011, is funded, in part, by a Grassroots Arts Program Grant of the North Carolina Arts Council, a state agency, and the Asheville Area Arts Council.

Ben Scales, Attorney

Pro Bono Assistance with
Music License Agreements

Media Cinedicate
Media Cinedicate
Shane Peters
Cinematographer & Editor for the new Dog Pearls
~ extra in-kind support
Black Mountain, NC


Akoya Pearl

 Blue Mountain Pizza

Matt Danford and Blue Mountain Pizza generously
supported Little Pearls through their non-profit program, including Third Thursdays, in February AND March!

AD and Martini
AD Anderson

in Honor of Jill Heishman

Mica White, Storyteller

Long term, regular volunteer
Asheville, NC ~ in-kind support


Baroque Pearl

Debra Roberts,
Little Pearls Founder
Weaverville, NC
~ in-kind consultation & support

 Biltmore Iron & Metal
Vonna Cloninger
Asheville, NC – WNC Edition 
Jean Cassidy, Va Boyle &
Lee Lehman, Asheville, NC
~ in-kind ads

Bob Jones
Long term friend
& supporter
Colorado &
New Zealand




Freshwater Pearl

The Hop

The Hop
Ashley & Greg Garrison
Asheville, NC
Perri Crutcher
Nashville, Tennessee

Nature’s Pharmacy & Compounding Center
Bill Cheek & Mike Rogers
Asheville, NC

Diana McLean
Ontario, Canada

Darlyne Sahara
Day Sponsorship on WCQS
Asheville, NC
~ in-kind

Harvey Jenkins
Asheville, NC 

David S. Graham, DC
Asheville, NC
Dr. Darryl & Diane Nabors
Clyde, NC
Wine Studio of Asheville
The Wine Studio
Jessica Gualano
Asheville, NC

Patsy Keever

Sherry Frawley Berman

Anna Matheson
Cindy Dollar
Asheville, NC

Robert Thomas Music
Robert Thomas
Arden, NC

Trout Insurance
Jan & David Trout
Weaverville, NC

Laura Thomas

Handwoven Webs
Web Design
Julie Savage Parker
Asheville, NC ~ in-kind

Sandra Bradbury

“Gentle Touch
with Deep Results!”
Linda J. McCrea, EdD, MBT

Asheville, NC

Healing Innovations 
Penelope Bond
Asheville, NC

Creasman Financial Planning
Creasman Financial Planning, L.L.C 

Mike & Revonda
Asheville, NC

Gayle L. Doughton
& Associates
Specialists in
Long Term Care
~ serving Western
North Carolina

Ultimate Ice Cream
Kevin & Lucia Barnes
~ November 2010 Flavor of the Month program ~ Asheville, NC



Roberta Newman

Brett Salter
Sharon Bailey



White Oak Financial

Laura McCue, Kevin Martin
& Priestley Ford
Asheville, NC