Welcome to our new, emerging WordPress site!

by Linda McLean on February 2, 2012

Wonderful, wise web woman Julie Parker of Handwoven Webs has been bugging me for a long time to move our beautiful old website to WordPress.  Our old site had become unwieldy, was very hard to update and had no functionality for interaction with YOU.

We have been working hard, out of sight, to transfer everything that needs to be in this new site and create needed new pages.  It seems to have taken forever.  As we make the switch to WordPress, things may be a bit messy for awhile.  The new site was set up as , though our trusty domain name will go right to it.

We hope to go “live” soon, emerging into daylight like our little groundhog buddies have just done and like Spring bulbs are just starting to do.  More winter or not, here comes a new Little Pearls website!

There are many pages that still need a lot of tweaking.  Please give us your feedback ~ we really value it.

(and I wonder, can you see the filmstrips on the side in your browser?)

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