Person of the Week on WLOS-TV, 11-8-13

by Linda McLean on November 9, 2013

Larry Blunt, warm and wonderful anchor for WLOS-TV in Asheville, NC did a GREAT story on us for his Person of the Week segment last night!  They are having serious web server issues, so the only way to see it now is via their YouTube link here:  Linda McLean: WLOS Person of the Week 11-8-13

WLOS group shot 11-13Debra Roberts, Kat Williams and Daniel Barber are all a huge part of Little Pearls’ story, and they are all in here, too.  The only thing missing is dogs, since we have eight Little Pearls about dogs and our similarities to and connections with them.  However, given how much footage they had and how many Pearls they included, they had a lot of tough choices to make!

WLOS cover photo 11-13

When the actual WLOS web link works, I’ll include it here.  This is VERY COOL!  Thank you, Larry Blunt!


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