Wonder, Joy & Little Boys

by Linda McLean on December 24, 2014

Dancing with what is, even disappointment: the Whale Pearl will have to wait until next summer or fall. What’s emerging now is something that’s been in my mind for awhile, waiting for the time to be right. Check out our short e-newsletter.  This will be fun!

Ben, Kari & Gracie 12-17-14

Wonder, Joy & Little Boys

Zi, Jana & Seth 12-14-14


A Whale of a Pearl!

by Linda McLean on October 2, 2014

Finally, Little Pearls is coming back into itself again. Check out what’s happening AND a new Pearl soon ~ fingers, toes, paws and tail flukes crossed!
A Whale of a Pearl!

Kida and Whales, Depoe Bay, Oregon,
September 2014

Gray Whale Tail by Carrie Newell,
Depoe Bay, Oregon



Coming Back to Life

March 18, 2014

Finally, it’s Almost-Spring, and Little Pearls and I are both coming back to life! Check it out in our March newsletter, the first in several months.

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Little Pearls & Blue Mountain Pizza = A Marvelous March!

March 7, 2014

Blue Mountain Pizza in Weaverville, NC is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving away $10,000 in money and prizes during the month of March, including a trip for two to Rome!  This big, creative celebration includes supporting four local non-profits, based on daily balloting by patrons.  Little Pearls is one of those grateful non-profits. Blue Mountain […]

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Glimmers & Gratitude

November 23, 2013

Here is the first e-newsletter in 6 months ~ glimmers of energy for Little Pearls and life are finally returning:  Glimmers & Gratitude  

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Person of the Week on WLOS-TV, 11-8-13

November 9, 2013

Larry Blunt, warm and wonderful anchor for WLOS-TV in Asheville, NC did a GREAT story on us for his Person of the Week segment last night!  They are having serious web server issues, so the only way to see it now is via their YouTube link here:  Linda McLean: WLOS Person of the Week 11-8-13 […]

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Coming Back

November 8, 2013

It’s been eleven months since my husband died, and I have barely touched Little Pearls.  Grieving takes tremendous energy.  As I’ve actively lived and worked with grief, my energy has finally begun to shift.  I’m coming back to life, into something new. Two items of note, in serendipitous timing: Just as our Board and I were discussing how to do year-end […]

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Here Comes the Sun

May 9, 2013

Little Pearls is skimming along without much attention as I move into this new world after my husband’s death. Blue Mountain Pizza is fundraising for us in May, though, so it was definitely time for another newsletter:  Here Comes the Sun – enjoy! This is a new photo of me, spent during a long April weekend […]

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Always in My Heart

February 18, 2013

Since my husband Jim died on December 11, I have had minimal energy to give to Little Pearls.  Here, finally, is a newsletter, which is a tribute to Jim, to Little Pearls and to love:  Always in My Heart

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Love Never Ends

December 13, 2012

  As many of you know, my husband’s 14-month journey with aggressive brain cancer has been the primary focus of my life, and Little Pearls has had to wait.  As several friends have said, “Jim is your Little Pearl now.” This strong, gentle man left us for the spirit world on December 11 around 9 […]

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Hope in Dark Times

November 7, 2012

It’s been two months since the last post, and almost that long since the last e-newsletter.  Hope in Dark Times hints at the challenges an overloaded caregiver has in running a tiny non-profit.  Little Pearls will survive and eventually thrive again, though it’s not getting much time or attention now. On this post-election day (thank goodness it’s […]

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Gratitude for All of Life

September 8, 2012

Check out our celebration update and other news here:  Gratitude for All of Life.

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Just Two Days till We Celebrate: Will You Be There?

August 21, 2012

Our August 23 Celebration e-news – hot off the press!  Hope you can come if you’re in the Asheville area!

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One week to go!

August 16, 2012

Check out all the food donors and sponsors on our August 23 Celebration page!  Not bad for only two months’ lead time…  Come enjoy the music, the food, the people and the LOVE. Here is our event flyer:

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Come Celebrate with Us: 3 Weeks to Go!

August 2, 2012

Check out our hot-off-the press newsletter for more on this great event.  I am SO excited! This is our current WNC Woman ad, which will be updated for the poster and the Mountain Xpress ad:    

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August 23 Celebration: Shaping Up!

July 28, 2012

This is the ad that will appear in the August issue of WNC Woman.  They were our first committed sponsor for this event, as a media sponsor.  Thank you, WNC Woman! Our poster will be similar to this, with a full list of performers and sponsors.  Stay tuned!  Our Event Page.

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A Celebration, August 23!

July 3, 2012

We’re finally going to have our celebration to benefit Little Pearls, on August 23, 2012 at White Horse Black Mountain! Here is the link to the event webpage.  It will be filled in and look MUCH snazzier when we have our poster: http://littlepearls.org/whats-new/come-celebrate-with-us-august-23/ If you live in the Asheville, NC area, I hope you can come!

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Almost-Summer Check-in

June 15, 2012

As you can tell from our most recent e-newsletter, life hasn’t left me with much time to work on Little Pearls lately.  I STILL don’t know how to make use of a blog. Please explore this lovely website, though.  It is FULL of great stuff! Happy Almost-Summer!

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Website is Back Up – YAY!

April 20, 2012

Our website was down for about 10 days.  As of today, it’s back up, though some images are still missing and there may be other little glitches that will take time to find.  Please let us know if you see anything that needs attention and thanks for visiting Little Pearls!

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First update since we went “live”

February 15, 2012

I still don’t know how a blog is supposed to work, so this is just a little note.  This site still needs a lot of work, though Julie Parker, master designer, and I are SO pleased with it so far!  If anything jumps out at you that isn’t working, please let me know. Check out our newsletter links in the dropdown […]

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